Beyond the Cabin in the Woods


Tucker and Dale


Cabins and Chainsaws suite #2

Your polterguides survived their ordeal in the cabin (...or did we?) and watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Then we talked about a lot of things: growing up in the country, dad lawn-mowing techniques, things not to put on your animals' wounds, seeking medical attention after loss of consciousnesss, towns in Oklahoma, and, sometimes, we talked about Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Alan Tudyk voice over video

Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Director: Eli Craig
Writers: Eli Craig, Morgan Jurgenson

Quote: We’re having a doozy of a day.

Poll: If a guy who looked like Dale walked over to you holding a scythe, would you have talked to him?

Rule: Call the police.


BtCitW - Episode 7 - Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 Movie Poster

Cabins and Chainsaws Suite #1

Your polterguides trekked out into the woods and spent the night in a cabin watching scary movies and listening to scary wind noises.

First up, Sam Raimi's camp classic, Evil Dead 2. This "requel" (Bruce Campbell's word) to Evil Dead, shows fan favorite Ash Williams battling the forces of evil in a remote cabin. Part campy comedy, part body horror, this film leads into the final movie of this "trilogy," Army of Darkness.

Name: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
Director: Sam Raimi
Written by: Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel
Year of release: 1987

Quote: We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound "fine?"

Rule: Don't run towards the guy in the cabin shooting at you.

Poll: Young Bruce or old Bruce?


BtCitW - Episode 6 - Little Shop of Horrors (re-edit)

We had so much fun watching this movie and recording this episode.

Half of us were coughing* and all of us were at least moderately inebriated as we settled in to watch this comedy/musical/horror movie.

*I edited out all the coughs I could, guys.

 EDITED: We got some feedback that the spider talk was a little much, so I've reuploaded the file with the spider talk edited significantly. If you don't want to hear any spider talk at all, it starts at roughtly 9:15 and contunues to about 10:00. Skip it if you like.

We watched the original dark ending (everyone dies, y’all), and talk about why this comedy musical is a horror movie, Audrey’s wardrobe and décolletage, everyone’s secret Rick Moranis crush, dead spiders, blood donation, the chorus, that every song is our favorite, and Steve Martin’s fantastic turn as Orin Scrivello, DDS.

Rule 6 – If it needs to drink my blood to live, let it die.

Quote: Feed me, Seymour!

Poll: Would you buy Audrey II? Would you feed it?


Director: Frank Oz

Writer: Howard Ashman (screenplay), based on the film by Roger Corman and the screenplay by Charles B. Griffith

Year: 1986

Donna has really bad handwriting, you guys

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Episode 5 - Prometheus

Your polterguides gathered to watch Prometheus, the "Alien prequel." With special guest Billy, we discussed Guy Pierce's old age makeup, Idris Elba's tragic lack of a shirtless scene, whether androids even have roots that need to be bleached, and whether or not extra-Weylandcorp androids should be included in a general android ban.

Rule 5a - Do not remove your headgear!

Rule 5b - DTtA! Don't trust the android (Does not apply to Data)


Episode 4 - Ginger Snaps

Hi Daddy!

Your polterguides gathered to watch the bloody Canadian werewolf flick, Ginger Snaps. Released in 2000, the film embodies 90's teen angst, showcases 90's fashion, and used up gallons and gallons of red-tinted corn syrup.

Be aware, you may learn more about your polterguides than you ever wanted to know in this episode.

Also, be aware, a LOT of dogs die in this movie.

 Rule # 3 - Don't have unprotected sex with a werewolf. Or with anyone. Don't have unprotected sex, you guys.


 Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever



Episode 3 - Get Out


Jordan Peele’s Get Out is so damn good we couldn’t contain our enthusiasm to thirty minutes. Your Polterguides loved everything about this film and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Be aware that there is extensive discussion of race and racism.

Rule #3 – Always make sure someone knows where you are!


Episode 2 – They Live


Woodcut by Brian Reedy, used by permission. Check out his Etsy shop at

Your Polterguides watched John Carpenter’s 1988 They Live and spent a lot of time talking about men’s late 80’s fashion.index

Carpenter’s takedown of Reaganomics, Yuppies, and “Greed is Good” culture has recently been in the news as anti-Semitic groups try to assign a new meaning.

Rule #2 – Don’t wear mom jeans.

Rule #2a – Don’t follow the girl who clearly doesn’t like you.




Episode 1 – The Cabin in the Woods

Welcome to Beyond the Cabin in the Woods: A Good Ghouls Guide to Horror.



No! Don’t go in the cabin!

In this premiere episode, your polterguides Debbie, Donna, Adrean, and Kenzi watched Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods, released in 2012 and becoming instantly beloved by horror fans for its insightful approach to a classic and formulaic horror trope.


Rule # 1 - Don't read the Latin